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March 16, 2011



I wonder if these same people who call and ask us to give a price over the phone call up their mechanic and say "My car is broken, how much to fix it?"

Anyway, one little point about the "amount of the income doesn’t change the complexity". People with a certain income level are pretty much guaranteed to have AMT nowadays. There's also usually (though not this year) PEP and Pease for higher income taxpayers, which adds little to lots of complexity depending if you rely on your software, double-check your software, or don't use software.


It's just like we learn in elementary school- stay organized and it might just pay off! With so many opportunities to take deductions for x and y, it makes sense to be organized. It benefits the accountant who can more quickly and efficiently do his/her job, and it benefits the client who will get the maximum on their return if they've got their ducks in a row!

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