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May 10, 2011



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Brian O'Connell

If I remember correctly, when we got out taxes done this year my fiancee was told that he may want to change his business status to a "hobby" if he's not making a profit in a few years. I think it's especially difficult to start a business in this economy because so many people are going that route in order to try to find an alternative when they lose their day job. But not everyone can or will make it, and you need to be really passionate about what you're doing otherwise you won't have the drive to continue when the times get tough.

Kaiser Villavicencio

It takes a lot of passion to start a business. It does not say that when you're good at something, you just do it. You should have love for what you do and must enjoy it, to surpass anything that would hinder you when starting up or pushing in a business line. Also, it's hard to catch the attention of the market. You have to do something remarkable to make your way in the competition.

Cameron Scott

I have to agree with Kaiser that starting your business takes a lot of passion. Do not be afraid to admit your mistakes, since it's part of running your business. Experience will also be a reminder of what you should do or not.


nice series.. hope to

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