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August 20, 2006


kim ebert

Hey Trish,
I totally understand and FEEL your fears! Now most people would tell me I have no fear, I am good with people, I can get in front of a crowd, I know no strangers... but I would only say... they know the "outside" kim. I would suspect that most people know the "outside" trish... No worries!
Does it help that YOU ARE NOT ALONE?
Does it help to know that you only need to take ONE STEP at a time. That translates to: ONE person you talk to at a time, one presentation at a time, one going outside your box at a time. The journey of a thousand miles.... yea you know the rest, but just remember.. it is true by golly. One TINY step at a time.. we will look BACK in six months and smile about your fears back then!

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