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September 07, 2006


julie gannon

DON'T GIVE UP! Did your upline train you on the RESults approach? No parties involved and the success rate is great. Our team usues this and many have reached tremendous growth in a short period of time.


Don't quit - I started in Jan 07 and I had a launch - I expected alot of people and I had alot of no shows - but that's okay. One by one get over the hurdles. Family - I'm over it. Products - I love them - really I do! I've used everything, lancome, skinceuticals, obaji - everything and I love the RE9 Line. MLM - that's a tough hurdle - read My first year in Network Marketing. Calling - even tougher - go to the learn n burns and listen to the 7 steps to success - step by step success. It isn't a get rich quick plan and it does take work - it'll happen, just believe :) Good Luck!

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